Wednesday, January 5, 2011

20 things I learned in 2010

2010 was a very good year for me, not in terms of financial results (but I know and I declare that I'm getting there : D) but in terms of the things that I learned. 2010 was a learning year for me and I'm expecting that the results will manifest this Jesus name.

I would like to share the top 20 things in my list:

 1.   Follow your heart,take the leap 
 2.   Learn and unlearn 
 3.   I can be whatever I want to be 
 4.   Map out your financial blueprint 
 5.  Watch your progress in no 4 
 6.   Think of the things that really matter to you 
 7.   Be successful in all areas of your life, it can be done! 
 8.   Be with the like minded people 
 9.   Be positive all the time! 
 10. Balance optimism with reality 
 11. Avoid negative people, they can harm you unknowingly
 12. Have a grateful heart 
 13.  Be thankful with what you have while working for what you want 
 14.  Push yourself to get what you want 
 15.  "The ultimate purpose of wealth is to help out others" - Bo Sanchez 
 16.   Be a channel of blessings to other people 
 17.   The scarcity mentality! All you need is just around you, you just have to increase your awareness 
 18.   The power of discipline 
 19.   Love more, help more, dream more, smile more….be a better version of yourself 
 20.   Eat,pray,love....enjoy life              

I hope that you also learned a few things based on what I've learned and I encourage you to reflect on what the year 2010 has been to you and do your own list. I also have my list of 20 things that I am thankful for in 2010 and the things that I am thankful for this 2011 (yes indeed....I already have my list to be thankful for this 2011..these are the things that I want to have and achieve this year...I am claiming it and thanking God in advance).

Have a happy, healthy and wealthy 2011 everyone!  

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