Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Path towards Self-empowerment

I was reminded that I promised to echo to you the things that I would learn from the seminar given by Mr Rex Mendoza last March. Truth of the matter is, I already forgot most of the things he said as months had already pass but there is one thing that he said that I still remember as I've learned to embrace his advice since then.

He mentioned in the seminar that to be truly empowered, We must practice "An hour of self-empowerment a day". How? 20 minutes of prayers, 20 minutes of learnings and 20 minutes of exercise a day. It doesn't matter how you do it in a day, be it 20-20-20 all in the morning or you may want to split it at 10-10-10 in the morning and in the evening or in any other way...as long as you complete the 1 hour of prayer, learning and exercise every single day.

This practice will renew you physically, mentally and spiritually, hence, making you empowered through out the day. As I've said, I've been practicing this since I learned this from him. I do pray when I wake up and at night before bed time. Before, I read before bed time but I realized that I'm not actually learning as I think I am as sometimes I become so sleepy that I don't understand what I'm reading anymore. So now, I read just a few pages or even just a few paragraphs at night, and most of my readings are now done in the morning right after I pray. This makes me comprehend more the books that I read as our mind is fresh in the morning, hence, it is the best time to learn. I read all kinds of books, be it financial, inspirational, novels and even fiction (yes, I love the series of shopaholic books :), see my post Confessions of a shopaholic). With all the three, I am most challenged with the exercise thing...haiz...after praying and reading in the morning, I exercise before taking a shower. This I do only in the morning as I'm already tired when I go home at night. I try to swim twice or even once a week, sometimes I succeed but most of the time I don't. Perhaps, I should really persist in this part.

I hope that you did not only learn from this post but also be inspired to do "An hour of Self-empowerment a day".